VALKON Doors and Windows address all architectural requirements and are available in a wide range of styles, with or without shading. They provide high-level thermal insulation and sound reduction while meeting exceptional safety standards. Offering sleek lines and ease of application, these products are certified burglary-resistant.

Vinyl Doors & Windows

Modern windows are not a boring component, but a chic design element that lends many buildings that crucial accentuation. But above all, window systems also constitute an investment in the future


The ideal solution for modern buildings. VALKON can meet all architectural requirements. We offer high levels of thermal insulation and sound reduction, as well as safety. Our innovative multilock system offers a unique sense of perfection as well as antiburglary resistance.


The increasing need for safety and functionality in combination with VALKON’s advanced technological know-how has led to the creation of our multilock slider, a new lift & sliding system of frames that is recommended for innovative and demanding architectural approaches.
Anodising Process
Powder Coating process