VALKON offers a variety of high quality laminated glass. Laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich. It is made of two or more panels of glass with a vinyl interlayer between. The glass will tend to stay together under pressure or damage of breaking, thus qualifying it, as a safety glazing material.

VALKON offers a variety of high quality tempered glass. Tempered glass is made by heating and cooling a piece of standard glass in a tempering furnace. The glass, which must be pre-cut and edged before being put into the tempering furnace, is heated to approximately 1200°F and then cooled rapidly. This process is also known as quenching. The quenching process leaves the glass hardened so that it is now approximately 4 to 5 times stronger, and therefore more resistant to breakage, than it was before the tempering process. If it does break, tempered glass shatters in small pieces that are less likely to cause injury or damage than non-tempered glass.

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